That’s all Folks

Well, it’s been a blast. But it’s time (or, probably, long after time) to call time on Etsy fAn.

What started as a part time project, after finishing University, grew into a mammoth project that enjoyed usage beyond anything I ever Thought possible. To date, Etsy fAn has had over 400,000 unique users, and been used over 11 million times. And at its peak it was had 16,000 users using it 40,000 times per day.

It’s been a fantastic journey for me, as well as a sharp learning curve on the fickleness and expectations of mobile users, but it’s time for it to end. I don’t have the time to keep up the development the way I once did, and with the official Etsy app (amongst others) easily surpassing Etsy fAn in terms of features, I can’t keep up the pace.

I must say thank you to the guys and girls on the Etsy API team (and the wider Etsy team in general), they do a great job keeping the third party developers busy with new features. But mostly I want to thank everyone who downloaded and used the app. Especially the people who took the time to email me and suggest features, let me know when thing didn’t work or just emailed to say hello. Etsy has a great community, and I regret not being more involved in it when I had the chance.

If anyone wants to say hello you’ll find me on Twitter @mini_dez.