Q. What is Etsy fAn?

A. Etsy fAn is an app for Android devices (Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, Nexus 4/7/10 etc.) which makes searching Etsy much easier than through the built in browser.

Q. What can it do?

A. For a list of features, have a look at the about page.

Q. Can I manage my shop through Etsy fAn?

A. Shop management is starting to be implemented now with view orders and marking them as shipped/paid so expect things to keep improving on the shop management front.  I’m also adding editing listings and upload image functions to help shop owners. Stay tuned!

Q. Why can’t I buy items through Etsy fAn?

A. You cannot go through the entire purchase process using the app but you can add items to your cart.  You can also view the contents of your cart and manage it, and click a button to go straight to the purchase page on Etsy.com.  If Etsy ever make the full process available to me then I’ll be sure to add it to the app.

Q. Why can’t I look at conversations using Etsy fAn?

A. Etsy just don’t give me access to conversations to make it available to you all.  I have asked the developers of Etsy, but they’ve said it won’t be coming any time soon I’m afraid!

P.S. No more one star ratings needed on Android market because you can’t look at your messages, thanks.

Q. Why can’t Etsy fAn do xxxxx? That would be sweet.

A. Feel free to let me know what you think would be cool.  You can mail me at feedback@etsyfan.com or you can get me on twitter @mini_dez.  I’ll be able to give you an idea of if your idea is possible and/or timescales for new features.  I’m not really an Etsy user so getting feedback from you guys is the only way I know what works best.

Q. Etsy for Android is awesome, how can I support it?

A. Etsy for Android is a free application for the time being.  If you want to support it then I’d really appreciate some ideas on how to improve it, or some help testing new version.  To do either of these email me at feedback@etsyfan.com.

Another thing I’d really appreciate is if you rated the application on the Android Market.  Good ratings on there give me more motivation to keep going than anything else.  So please, if you like the app let people know by rating it!

Q. I don’t have Android Market, can I get Etsy for Android?

A. Yes, yes you can!  It’s now available on Amazon App Store, you can download it by clicking here.

Q. Who makes Etsy for Android?

A. Etsy for Android is developed by Ian Adie, an application developer from Glasgow, Scotland.  It is not officially developed or supported by Etsy, do not contact them about it.

Q. Etsy For Android keeps crashing my phone!

A. Bummer. You best email me and tell me. Try to include as much information as possible such as what you were trying to do when it crashed, phone model, version of Android etc. I’ll fix it as soon as I can.

Q. Why is this website so terrible?

A. Installatron + WordPress = website in 10 minutes.  I might give it an overhaul at some point…

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